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Time House
Start your luxury watches collection with Timehouseclub. Join us in ushering in a new era for watch collectors. Discover our locations, global community, and curated collections – both new and collectible pre-owned – and let’s talk watches.
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Heritage And Exclusivity
The brand's history and reputation can play a significant role in defining a watch as luxury. Limited edition models or those with a historical significance often add to this allure.
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Precision Movement
The movement, or the mechanism that powers the watch, is a critical feature. Luxury watches often boast mechanical movements that are hand-assembled and meticulously calibrated.
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Time House is the home to the greatest collection of pre - owned luxury watches, all certified as authentic and collector quality

Time House is home to the greatest luxury watches collection.

Professional Services

Our skilled team of Swiss-trained watchmakers and refinishers offering a comprehensive range of services, from routine maintenance to heavy damage.

Years Experience

Cumulative knowledge, skills, and insights gained through time spent in the watch industry. We share our unique insights about different watch brands, models, historical significance, and market trends.

Global Network

Time House Club offers a global network that opens up a world of opportunities for sourcing rare and valuable luxury watches that might otherwise be challenging to find.

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Time House Club is the World’s Leading Luxury Watches House.

We offer a guarantee on the authenticity and quality check of the watches, further solidifying the reputation as a trustworthy and reliable source for timepieces.

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Take Your Collection Anywhere

You can conveniently transact your watch with Time House Club from anywhere globally. Time House has physical club house located in Dubai, Hong Kong, and the United States.

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Ready to talk watches 24/7, our team of client advisors, watchmakers, and experts will guide you at every step.

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